Inventory of my products is not matching in Sumtracker and my store. How can I resolve this?

If you find any mismatches between inventory on Sumtracker and on your store, please go through the following points -

1) Once sync is on, Sumtracker becomes the master data of your inventory. Inventory will always be updated from Sumtracker to your store. We do not detect manual inventory adjustments done on your store. So please update your stock in Sumtracker and check if its syncing to your store.

2) If you still find differences, please ensure there is no app other than Sumtracker that is updating your stock.

3) Share the SKUs with the us so that we can investigate the issue email us at support [at]

For Shopify users - Check Adjustment history for any SKU whose inventory is not matching. You can send us a screenshot of the Adjustment history page on support [at] Here is a screenshot to locate this option.

If you have multiple locations - Check the fulfilment priority of your warehouses. Please refer to this help page.

3) Consider doing a Hard refresh of your inventory. Sometimes, a mismatch could arise due to edge cases beyond our control. Hard Refreshing the inventory refreshes all the inventory data on your Store from Sumtracker.

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