Users and Permissions

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Add new users to your account

Admin users can add new users to the account from the Settings > Manage users page.



Common error: Sometimes, users can create another Sumtracker account, instead of signing up through user invite. If your team member encounters this error while accepting the user invite, please contact the support team to have their email address removed from the system. Allowing you to invite the new user.


User details

You can modify a user's settings and permissions from the user's details page.




When you mark a user as inactive, they will no longer be able to log in to Sumtracker.


Any user with admin privileges has the ability to make or remove another user as an admin.

Moreover, normal users do not have the authority to perform critical actions such as disconnecting a store, turning sync off, or subscribing to billing.

Any user can be designated as an Admin of the account. Admin users:

  • Have all permissions by default

  • Can invite other users or manage their settings

  • Have the permission to perform important actions related to your store, such as turning on/off inventory sync

  • Can subscribe to a billing plan, update or cancel it

Email Notifications

Each user can control whether they want to receive email notifications for low stock report. Admins can also control which users receive notifications.

User Permissions

In Sumtracker, user permissions allow you to control the access levels and capabilities of each user. By default, when you add a user, they are granted all permissions. However, you can modify their permission levels from their user details page. This section provides an overview of the different permission settings available in Sumtracker.


Orders and Sales Data

  • Can close or archive orders: Sumtracker allows you to control access to sales and orders data, giving you the flexibility to determine whether a user can close or archive orders.

  • Can view orders and related reports: With Sumtracker, you have the ability to define whether a user can view orders and order related reports. This feature enables you to control and manage the visibility of sales and order data for different users. Order related reports include:

    • Sales by Product

    • Sales by Store

    • Orders Log by Product

    • Fulfillment Status by Product

    • Total Sales and COGS

    • Low Sales Report

Purchase Data

  • Can create, edit and delete purchase data: This permission setting determines whether a user can create, edit, and delete purchase data, including purchase orders, suppliers, and purchase prices. With this permission, authorized users can make changes to the purchase-related information as needed.

  • Can view purchase data like PO, suppliers and rates: This permission setting controls whether a user can view purchase data. Users with view-only access can see information such as purchase orders, suppliers, and prices but cannot make any modifications unless provided edit access.


With Sumtracker, you can determine whether a user has edit permission for products. This permission level enables users to modify product information, including creating new products, editing existing ones, and deleting products.

Stock Levels

Sumtracker allows you to define the edit permission for stock levels. When granted this permission, users will be able to make changes to the stock quantities for any location. This includes adding, subtracting or setting stock quantities based on inventory adjustments.

Adding Users with View-Only Inventory Access


To add/edit users with view-only access to inventory, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the user details page.

  2. Select the user you want to modify.

  3. Disable the permission Can do stock adjustments, stock transfers and set alert thresholds

Once done, the user can only view inventory and not modify/edit it.