🚀 Setup Tutorial - Sumtracker Account Setup Guide

Here's what you need to do after installing the Sumtracker app:

Step 1: Connect your store

  • Once connected, Sumtracker will fetch all product listings which have SKUs from the online store. 
  • Initially, the inventory for all products will be 0 in Sumtracker. The inventory will be copied from your store at step 3.
  • You can connect multiple stores to your account and follow the same steps for each store.

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Step 2: Ensure Product listings on the online store have SKUs

  • Only product listings which have SKUs are synced to Sumtracker.
  • If you are connecting multiple stores, ensure that identical products have same SKUs.
  • Sumtracker can only read product listings from online store. 
  • It cannot create or update product listings on your store.

Step 3: Turn On Inventory Sync

  • Before you turn on inventory sync, Sumtracker will ask if you want to copy your current inventory from the online store. If you select yes, Sumtracker will set your store inventory as the initial stock in Sumtracker.
  • After turning on sync, inventory from Sumtracker will be updated to online stores every 10 minutes. 
  • Now, Sumtracker is the primary source of truth for your inventory. Please ensure there is no other app that is updating inventory. 

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Step 4: Adjust the inventory of a product in Sumtracker

  • You must do all inventory adjustments in Sumtracker only. Sumtracker does not detect inventory changes done on your store panel.
  • When you change stock in Sumtracker, it will be updated on your store.
  • Try adjusting the inventory from Adjust Stock Table now as a test and verify if the inventory got updated on your store.

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Step 5: Setup bundles

  • Bundles are products whose inventory is calculated based on its component products or a base product.
  • Bundles have a wide number of use cases. You can check examples from the Bundles tutorial page.
  • You can set your bundles from Bundles List page.

Link to help guide

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