Set low stock alert threshold and get email notifications

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What is Alert Threshold?

  • Alert threshold is the inventory quantity at which you want to be alerted that this products is low in stock. You can set a different alert threshold value for each product and warehouse in Sumtracker.
  • Alert threshold can be set individually for each product through the interface or through bulk csv upload.
  • Products with (available + incoming inventory) <= alert threshold are included in low stock products report
  • Alert thresholds can also be set to a negative value
  • If you do not want to receive alert threshold notifications for certain products at a particular warehouse, you can leave it blank and save it
  • Bundle products are not considered for this report. You have define the alert thresholds for the components.

How to Set Alert Threshold individually

Option 1: Go to Stock by Location and Click on Alert threshold number to edit it

Option 2: Go to the Inventory Tab on product details page and edit the Alert threshold

How to Set Alert Threshold in bulk

Step 1: Go to Stock by Location list and Click on Import Alert Threshold

Step 2: Download the existing Alert Threshold file and update the alert threshold column

Step 3: Import the updated sheet

How to enable Email Notifications

Go to User Profile and select the checkbox for Low stock notifications

How to stop receiving alerts for certain products?

You may want to stop tracking certain product and remove them from low stock alert threshold report. 

In order to stop receiving alert for any product, you can remove its Alert threshold value and keep it blank.

Alert threshold values sync from BigCommerce

Alert threshold values in Sumtracker are automatically copied from BigCommerce Low stock field. Going forward, you have the choice of maintain the values on BigCommerce or Sumtracker.

bigcommerce-alert threshold

If you have low stock values on BigCommerce, they will be copied to Sumtracker products. When you update the low stock value on BigCommerce, it will be copied to Sumtracker.

If you want to maintain low stock alert threshold values in Sumtracker, then you have to leave the BigCommerce low stock field as blank. If the value is blank in BigCommerce it will not override the alert threshold defined in Sumtracker.

If you have multiple warehouses in Sumtracker, then the low stock value is copied for all warehouses in Sumtracker.