How do I view my inventory in Sumtracker?

For Single locations: View Inventory through Product List

If you have a single location, you can view inventory from Product list 

If you have more than 1 location, Product list shows the aggregated inventory across all locations.

For Multiple Locations: View Inventory through Stock by Location

Stock by location > All products shows the inventory at each location separately. You can filter the report by each location, send it to your email or take an export.

While using Stock by location, Bundles are not exported with all products. To export bundles, email the export instead of using the export button.

Meaning of Inventory Columns

Here is an explanation of each of the columns in the table - 

In Stock - Physical stock currently in your warehouse. When you count the stock in your warehouse it should match with this value.

Booked - Quantity committed in open orders, not yet shipped. This is the unfulfilled quantity. Which means you have open orders for this much quantity. Booked quantity is increased when you get an order. 

Booked quantity is decreased when you fulfil an order or cancel an order. So you cannot change the booked quantity yourself. It is maintained by the system.

Available - Inventory that is available for users to buy. This is the inventory which is updated on your store.

Available Stock = In Stock - Booked Stock

When you adjust your stock in Sumtracker you are changing the "in stock" value. Add stock , set stock and sub stock all options will always change the "in stock" quantity.

Incoming - Quantity Incoming through Purchase order. This quantity is due to arrive from your supplier.

Alert threshold - When the available stock reaches or is below this value you will get a low stock alert on your email.