Adding new users and user permissions

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Add new users to your account

Admin users can add new users to account from Settings > Manage users page.

User details

You can change a users settings and permissions from users details page.


When you mark a user as inactive, they won't be able to login to Sumtracker anymore.


Any user can be made as Admin of the account.

Admin users

  • have all permissions by default
  • can invite other users or manage their settings.
  • have the permission to take important actions related to your store such as turning on inventory sync or turning off sync
  • can subscribe to a billing plan, update or cancel it


Each user can control if they want to get the email notifications. Admins can also control which users get the notifications.

User Permissions

When you add a user, they get all permissions by default. You can change their permission levels from their user details page.

We have the following permissions in Sumtracker


You can control whether a user has edit permission for products

Stock levels

You can control whether a user has edit permission for stock. If a user has edit permission for stock, they will be able to make changes for any location

Purchase data

You can control if a user has only view or both view and edit permission for Purchase related data such as PO, suppliers and purchase prices.

Orders and Sales data

You can control if a user can view sales and orders data and if they can make any edits in the orders.

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