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Only Products with SKUs are synced to Sumtracker.

After you turn on the sync, the inventory from Sumtracker will sync to your online stores every 9 minutes. Orders from your stores start syncing from the time you turn on the inventory sync.

Please note: Sumtracker is the master data of your inventory. You have to do all your stock adjustments in Sumtracker.

If you do any manual stock adjustments on the online store admin dashboard, they will not be detected by Sumtracker. Any changes to the inventory must be done within Sumtracker. When you change the inventory of a product in Sumtracker it will be pushed to all your connected stores.

Sumtracker does not push any information other than the inventory levels to your store.

How is inventory updated when you adjust the inventory of a SKU in Sumtracker?

When you change the inventory of a product in Sumtracker it gets updated on all your connected Stores. But please note that Sumtracker will not detect any changes you have done directly on the store admin panel.

For example, you have a product which is available on 3 stores Shopify, Etsy and Amazon. When you change the inventory in Sumtracker from 10 to 15, the inventory on all 3 stores will become 15.

The Available Inventory is updated on your store. 

Available Inventory = In Stock - Booked Stock

As shown in screenshot below, the Available quantity = 152 gets updated for the SKU. 

In Stock = Physical stock in your warehouse

Booked = Quantity committed in open orders, not yet shipped

Available = Available inventory that can be purchased by your customers

Incoming = Total Incoming stock through Purchase Orders

How is inventory updated when you receive an order on the online store?

Say you are selling Apples and you have 50 apples in your warehouse.
You get an order for 4 apples. Now sumtracker will book 4 apples and update 46 as the sellable stock to your store.
Before order fulfilment: In Stock = 50, booked = 4, available = 46
Since you have not yet fulfilled the order your physical stock is still 50. But 50 - 4 = 46 which is the available stock sumtracker will use to update on the stores.
Now when you fulfil this order, the physical stock becomes 46 and the booked stock becomes 0. Which means sumtracker will still update 46 as the stock to your store.

After order fulfilment: In Stock = 46, booked = 0, available = 46

This is done so that when you count your physical stock it will match with the in stock figure in Sumtracker at all times.

How is inventory updated for duplicate SKUs?

If multiple listings have the same SKU, they get connected to the same product in Sumtracker. In the above screenshot, the product has 2 Online Listings (check last column in screenshot). 

Inventory for both listings is updated through the same product in Sumtracker.

How to sync inventory manually from the dashboard?

Sumtracker syncs inventory to all your stores every 10 minutes. The is done automatically. To check the last time inventory sync was done, you can see it on your dashboard.

You can also do the inventory sync manually from the Refresh button on the dashboard for your store. 

This will sync your listings and orders from Store to Sumtracker. And inventory from Sumtracker to your Store.

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