Inventory Sync - Explained

After you turn on the sync, the stock levels from Sumtracker will start syncing to your online stores.

Please note: Sumtracker is the master data of your inventory. You have to maintain your stock in Sumtracker.

The inventory will be updated from Sumtracker to your stores every few minutes automatically.

If you update the stock manually on Shopify, it will not sync to Sumtracker.

If you want to do any inventory changes, they have to be done in Sumtracker. Sumtracker will automatically sync the orders from the online store so that the inventory is booked and reduced.

The Available Inventory = In Stock - Booked Stock, is updated on your store. 

As shown in screenshot below, the Available quantity = 198 gets updated for the SKU 

To check the last time inventory was updated, you can see it on your dashboard.

You can also do the inventory sync manually from the Sync Inventory button on the dashboard.

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