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How to reduce booked quantity?
How to reduce booked quantity?
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Booked quantity is managed by the system and is automatically managed on the basis of Order's fulfillment status. To manually reduce the booked quantity you can either Refresh, Close or Archive an order. The steps to do the same are shown below.

What is booked quantity?

Booked quantity is increased when you receive an order from any of your online store. It represents the unfulfilled quantity for that item. When the order is marked fulfilled the order gets closed and the booked quantity and in stock quantity are reduced.

Also when an order gets cancelled the booked quantity is reduced because now the items no longer need to be reserved as unfulfilled.

For example: When you receive an order for 2 quantity the booked quantity is increased.

When the the order is fulfilled the booked quantity and in stock are decreased

How to reduce the booked quantity?

To reduce the booked quantity you can

  • Refresh the order (fetches the order status again from store)

  • Mark the order as archived (closes the order in Sumtracker, inventory changes are undone and product is put back in stock by reducing the booked quantity) or

  • Mark the order as closed (closes the order in Sumtracker, inventory and booked quantity for the products is reduced)

This is needed in case the order did not get marked as closed or cancelled on Sumtracker. Although Sumtracker does sync the status of orders from the online store there might be edge cases when this sync of order status fails.

Step 1 - Go to Orders page

1. click on more filters button

2. search for the product SKU in the products input box

Step 2- Select the orders you want to Refresh, Archive or Close

Step 3 - Click on the Action you want to perform

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