Set Close at Quantity of Products

What is Close at Quantity?

When the stock of your SKU reaches this quantity, it will be marked as sold out on your online portals.

Let's say the close at quantity of a product is 10. When the Available inventory of this item reaches 10, then Sumtracker will push 0 as inventory to your online store. This means you will have 10 as blocked quantity or reserve quantity for this product. 

This can be needed in multiple use cases, such as having a reserve quantity for wholesale orders, your physical store or artificially showing scarcity of a product by marking it as out of stock, or just having a reserve quantity in stock for fast moving items.

Close at quantity can be set for both bundle and normal products. If you have set close at quantity for components of a bundle, it will not determine when a bundle is marked as out of stock. You have to set the Close at quantity for the bundle separately.

Change Close at Quantity from Product Details Page

Change Close at Quantity in bulk through Excel Import

  • Export the Product List
  • Make Changes in Excel file
  • Import the List with changes