How to setup products for Print on demand business

Let's say you sell several products, that are all made from the same base product. You customise a part of the base product to make the customised product that a customer ordered. 

You could be selling

  • Print on demand t-shirts, hats or mugs
  • Custom engraved jewellery
  • Custom engraved or printed furnishing items 

You want to manage the inventory such that when 1 of the product sells, the inventory of all the products made from the same base product goes down. 

There are 2 ways to do this in Sumtracker. You may choose any of the two ways, both are equally good.

1. Assign same SKU to all such products

When you assign same SKU to all such products, Sumtracker links all of the listings with 1 product in Sumtracker. 

You will see the number of listings against a product in the Product list.

When you update the inventory of this SKU, the inventory of all your listings will be updated in one go.

When one of the product sells, the inventory of all other products will be adjusted by Sumtracker. This can take anywhere between 0 to 10 minutes depending on when the next sync is scheduled.

2. Assign different SKUs, use bundles 

You can also have different SKUs for your products. You'll need to define bundles such that inventory of the customized products depend on a single base product. 

With this, you will just have to maintain the inventory of base product in Sumtracker. The inventory of all customized products will be automatically adjusted.

Let's take an example. Let's say you sell colored t-shirts. You color a white t-shirt after receiving the order for a green, pink or red t-shirt. So you basically carry the inventory of just the white t-shirts. 

In this case, you will define bundles in Sumtracker such that inventory of all colored t-shirts depend on the white t-shirt. You will have to define the bundle of each colored t-shirt separately.

Here are screenshots of the bundles from Sumtracker.

Green t-shirt having white t-shirt as component

Red t-shirt having white t-shirt as component

Pink t-shirt having white t-shirt as component

Bundles List