Etsy: How to manage Etsy orders which are cancelled

When an order is cancelled on Etsy the information for that cancellation is not available to Sumtracker. It is best you refresh the status of that order in Sumtracker manually for immediate update. This is because Etsy integration has limitations beyond our control.

If you do not refresh the status of the cancelled order in Sumtracker it will eventually will get updated automatically but with a delay.

After refreshing the status for the canceled order, Sumtracker will mark it as cancelled which will release the booked inventory for that order.

How to refresh the order status in Sumtracker?

1. Go to orders page from the app menu and search for the order id in the search field

2. Open the order by click on the purple order number and then click on the refresh button. This will refresh the status of that order in Sumtracker. Please refresh the browser page after 1 minute to see the effect of the status update.