Transfer inventory from one warehouse to another

If you are removing a warehouse from Sumtracker and want to transfer its inventory to another warehouse, here are the steps:

Step 1: Export the warehouse stock from Stock by Location page

Select the warehouse you want to remove and export its stock

Step 2: Prepare the stock sheet to import in Stock Transfer form

Download the sample import file for Stock transfer form . [right click and save the file]

From the stock by location file, copy the SKUs in the 'sku' column and the In Stock values in the 'quantity' column in the sample import file.

Step 3: Go to Adjust Stock > Stock Transfer > New Upload File

Select the from and to warehouses and upload the file from Step 2

At this step all the stock is transferred from the warehouse you want to remove

Step 4: Archive the warehouse (if needed)

Go to Settings > Warehouses and archive the warehouse as shown in screenshot.

While archiving, select the replacement warehouse as the same to which you have transferred the stock.

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