Sumtracker API Access

You can get access to the Sumtracker API to automate setting the inventory at any location through scripts. We have a REST API with a JSON response.

API access is available from $99/month plan.

It is recommended to create a separate user id in Sumtracker only for making API requests.

Please reach out to us at for the API document.

As an example, here are the steps to set stock using the API -

Step 1 - Get auth token through login API
Step 2 - Use 'Create Adjust Stock document' through API
This request is needed to create the document. Here, you don't need to send any lines data. You can send it as empty array. On creation of document you will get its 'id' in return. We will use this document 'id' in next request to upload the csv file.
You can fetch the warehouses from warehouses API and use the required warehouse id in Adjust Stock document.
Adjustment type has to be "SET"
It is optional to add Adjust Stock Reason. String can be sent directly for adding as Reason. 
It is optional to add Notes. 
Step 3 - Use 'import lines' API
You can upload the csv file with this request (having sku and quantity of products)
Step 4 - Use 'perform action mark as complete' API
Here you have to perform the action called 'mark-complete'
With these steps, the stock can be set in Sumtracker.

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