Amazon integration setup - FBM and FBA

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Connect your Amazon seller account

Click on the "Connect your store" button on the Sumtracker dashboard. Then you have to click on "Amazon" from the list of options.

At the time of turning on sync, you can choose which Amazon fulfillment types you want to manage from Sumtracker

  • Amazon FBM (fulfilled by merchant) only
  • View Amazon FBA (fulfilled by Amazon) only
  • Amazon FBM + FBA both

For Amazon FMB, inventory will be managed and updated using Sumtracker.

For Amazon FBA, inventory is managed using the Amazon seller account but you will be view the FBA inventory within Sumtracker.

The products from your Amazon account will sync based on the fulfillment type you select while turning on the sync. Products will not be synced from Amazon when you connect your store. They will be synced after you've selected the fulfillment type in turn on sync workflow.

How does FBA integration work?

During the setup, You can choose the Amazon FBA marketplace regions to link with Sumtracker. A warehouse is created in Sumtracker corresponding to each FBA region you've chosen. For example, for US region, a warehouse named FBA US will be created in Sumtracker. You can check the connected warehouses from Warehouse connections tab under Store settings.

Inventory from Amazon FBA warehouse will be copied to the corresponding Sumtracker warehouse every 24 hours. Inventory log and an adjust stock document is created for every change in inventory quantity.

Orders from Amazon FBA are synced every few minutes. Amazon FBA orders are prefixed with AFN, while FBM orders are prefixed with MFN in the orders list.

How does FBM integration work?

If you choose to manage Amazon FBM, the inventory of FBM products will be updated through Sumtracker. You can choose the warehouses in Sumtracker from where the inventory for FBM products will be updated on Amazon. FBM orders will be synced to Sumtracker every few minutes and you'll be able to view sales and inventory reports directly in Sumtracker.

Screenshot from Orders List showing MFN and AFN orders

Screenshot from Stock by Location showing inventory at FBA warehouse

Setup Amazon FBA

After connecting the Amazon store, you can click on Turn on sync from Store list widget on Dashboard. You will get the option to Setup Amazon FBA during the setup process where you can select the marketplaces to link with Sumtracker.

Click on "Steps on turn on sync" button on Dashboard

Select Amazon FBA during the setup process

In the first step, you'll get the option to integrate

  • FBM only
  • FBA only
  • Both FBM + FBA

Store list widget on dashboard showing the Sumtracker warehouses connected with Amazon