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Which products are synced from Amazon?
Which products are synced from Amazon?
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When do listings get synced?

The listings from Amazon do not get synced when you connect your store. This is because we need know which of the following listings need to be synced from your Amazon account

  • FBA listings

  • FBM listings or

  • Both

You select the fulfillment types at the time of turning on inventory sync. Listings are synced based on the fulfillment you select. Once the sync is turned on, listings will get synced to Sumtracker.

Types of listings that are synced from Amazon

We sync all the Active listings from Amazon. These are the listings that are currently active and available for sale on Amazon.

Types of listings that are not synced from Amazon

Listings with the following statuses are not synced:

  • Inactive

  • Incomplete

  • Listing removed

  • Search suppressed

If your listings fall into any of these categories, they will not be synced to Sumtracker.

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