What is the meaning of Deleted and Not Found product in my product list?


Not Found Product

Sumtracker creates a product called NOT_FOUND and fills up in an order when it can't associate an order's item with any listing. This may occur when

  • Custom products are added in an order that aren't there in the listings
  • The product's SKU was not be added in the online listing and Sumtracker was not able to identify the product

How to identify the order due to which NOT_FOUND product was created?

  1. Go to Orders List
  2. Click on More Filters
  3. Search the SKU NOT_FOUND in the product filter

This will show all the orders that have NOT_FOUND products. You can open each order and check the same order details on the online platform. If you find any product that should've been recognised by Sumtracker, but it is still showing as not found, please get in touch with us.

Deleted Product

Sumtracker allows you to delete a product. If the product is used in orders, purchase orders or stock adjustment document it is replace with a Deleted Product. This deleted product is specifically for replacing any product which gets deleted.

Sumtracker also allows you to archive a product. In that case the product which is archived is removed from the product list but its data such as orders, purchase orders and stock adjustment documents are still the same.