What are packs and how to use them?

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What are Packs?

Packs refer to the practice of purchasing products in bundles or bulk quantities. This is often done to take advantage of discounted prices offered by suppliers or to meet the demand for large quantities of products. Common examples of products that are typically purchased in packs include beverages, toiletries, and snacks.

In Sumtracker, Packs are only relevant for purchases and purchase orders.

How are Packs added to Inventory in Sumtracker?

Packs get added to inventory when you receive stock through purchase orders.


The image above shows a recieve note for a product. The order is for 20 quantities of a pack of 5 Charmanders.

Here, the pack size is 5 and the order quantity is 20, effectively totalling to 100 (20 * 5) of the product.


As you can see, the inventory got adjusted by 100 (Quantity * Pack size).

How to Use Packs?

Add pack sizes to products

  1. To add the pack details for a specific product, go to purchase prices and click on “Add purchase price”.
  2. In the purchase price details, specify the supplier, purchase price, and supplier SKU.
  3. Within the purchase price, you can define the pack size. This indicates the quantity of the product contained in each pack. For example, if you purchase toys in packs of 10 set the pack size as 10.
  4. The pack description allows for better interpretation of the pack on purchase orders. This allows other users to understand what the pack is and what it contains.

Adding products in packs to purchase orders

  1. Go to the purchase orders section from the sidebar.

  2. When creating a purchase order, add the required information such as supplier name, warehouse, billing address. More details on purchase orders: How to enter Purchase Orders

  3. Select the desired product and specify the quantity in terms of packs. For example, if you want to order 5 packs of 10 toys each, enter 5 as the quantity.

  4. You can also select which pack to use by clicking the edit icon next to the pack information. 
  5. Receiving the Purchase Order: After marking the purchase order as incoming and receiving the products, Sumtracker will automatically update your inventory. The individual toys will be added to your stock based on the pack size specified.

Printing and Sending Purchase Orders with Packs

The pack description and supplier SKU will be included on the printed purchase order sent to your vendor. This ensures clear communication and accurate fulfillment of your order.


Receiving Purchase Orders with Packs

After marking the purchase order as incoming and receiving the products, you can view the updated stock quantity (Under Incoming) in Sumtracker.



The total number of individual items will reflect the combination of packs received. Once the Purchase order is marked received, all the stock moves to “Instock”.


Adding Multiple Pack Sizes

Sumtracker allows you to define multiple pack sizes for a single product by creating multiple purchase prices.



When multiple pack sizes are available, the lowest pack size is selected by default when placing a purchase order. However, you have the flexibility to choose a different pack size if required. (As discussed above)

Importing Pack Sizes

To streamline the process of adding pack sizes, Sumtracker offers the option to import pack size information through purchase prices. More details on importing purchase prices (along with pack sizes): How to use and create purchase prices?