How to change SKU of products while keeping all data intact

If you want to change SKU of your existing products, you can follow this help guide. By following this method, the same product in Sumtracker will remain linked to your online listings. All the existing data such as sales history, inventory log, bundles and purchase orders data for the products will remain intact.

Steps to change the SKUs

Step 1: Go to store settings page from dashboard and click on Disable data sync for all the stores

Please take care to not Turn off the sync for your store. You have to use the Disable data sync option.

What does the Disable Data sync action do and why is it needed?

This action disables all data sync of listings, orders and inventory temporarily. This is needed to prevent any duplicate SKU from being created in Sumtracker. You must enable the data sync back after all the steps listed below are complete. This can be done as many times as needed, if you are changing the SKUs in multiple sessions.

Please ensure that you have disabled the data sync on all the stores that have the SKUs you will be changing.

Step 2: Change the SKUs in Sumtracker AND all online channels while Data sync is disabled

After disabling the data sync, you can change the SKU of the products in Sumtracker AND on all the corresponding online listings.

Please ensure that the new SKUs between Sumtracker and all online stores match.

Sumtracker SKUs can be changed in bulk through Product list export and import. Please ensure that the first column "id" is kept intact while import.

You can check the number of listings the product is linked to from the Online Listings column in Product List table.

Please ensure that you have changed the SKUs on all linked online stores AND in Sumtracker before enabling the Data sync back

Step 3: Enable the Data sync back for all stores

You should enable the Data sync back from the store settings page once the SKUs are changed. You may change SKUs in batches in multiple sessions, following steps 1 to 3 everytime.