How to Archive and Delete Products from Sumtracker

Screencast showing

  • How to Archive Products
  • How to access Archived Product list
  • How to Delete Products

What happens when you Archive a Product?

When you archive a product, it is hidden from the interface. So it will not show up in product list, stock levels or while adjusting stock anymore. It can be unarchived from the Archived Products List at any time. 

The whole history of the Archived Product is saved in the system. So, it will also show up in any reports such as sales, purchase or inventory log reports. 

What happens when you Delete a Product?

On deleting, the whole history of the Product is removed from the system. If the product was present in any Order, Inventory log or Purchase Order, it will get replaced a product called 'Deleted Product'.

You will also not see any data about the product in Reports. This is product or its history cannot be recovered anymore.

So it is highly recommended that you Archive Products that were being used before.