How to access Pick lists for your orders

Currently, this feature is available for Shopify users only. Pick list can be downloaded from order page on Shopify. For other platforms, we will be adding the option to download the pick list from Sumtracker orders page.

You have to open the order page on Shopify and click on More actions button.

The pick list contains all the bundle components that your fulfilment team needs to ship.

Here’s an example of the Pick list that gets downloaded

The Pick list contains

  • Product barcodes
  • Product name, variant name and SKU
  • Bundle components along with the bundle parent SKU
  • Product notes (saved in Sumtracker)
  • Quantity to pick for the order

Any of the your team member having access to Shopify can download the pick list. The user is not required to have a Sumtracker account.

You can also go to the Shopify from Sumtracker’s order page.