August 2023 Release notes

Email Purchase Orders directly from Sumtracker

You can email the Purchase orders (PO) to your suppliers directly from Sumtracker. The email is sent to the supplier's email id filled in Sumtracker.

We've created a shareable link to the PO that you can also copy from Sumtracker and share with others. The same link is sent when you email the PO to the supplier. If you make any changes to the PO after emailing them, they will see the latest PO with the changes when they open the link.

Email address of the user who sent the email is filled as the Reply-to email.

Download Low stock report directly from notification email

You will now get a download report link in the Low stock notification emails. You can download the report directly from the email. You may also forward the email to others who may not have access to Sumtracker. Anyone with the email can download the report without logging in to Sumtracker.

Link same Sumtracker warehouse to multiple locations on Shopify

You can link the same Sumtracker warehouse to multiple locations on Shopify. This can be needed if you want the same inventory to be duplicated across multiple locations on Shopify. You can do this from the Warehouse connections tab in Store settings.

Added options for Amazon integration based on Fulfillment type

We've introduced Amazon FBM only and FBA only integrations. So you have the choice to integrate Amazon with Sumtracker based on fulfillment type

  • FBM only (Fulfilled by Merchant)
  • FBA only (Fulfilled by Amazon)
  • Both FBM + FBA

Other improvements and bug fixes

Apart from the above features, we've made several improvements to the

  • Orders details page
  • Stock transfer forms
  • Display of errors
  • Import of purchase prices