Create Bundle in Bulk through Import

Download the sample import file (right click to download and save the file)

In this file you will find 3 columns

SKU column: Fill the bundle product's SKU in this column

Component SKU: Add the SKU of the component

Quantity: Add the quantity of the component in the bundle.

To add multiple components to the same bundle, you have to repeat the bundle SKU in the next column.

Here's a sample file screenshot after filling the details

When we import this file, 3 bundles will be created

1. Bundle Product: INDOOR-PLANTS-SET-OF-2

Components: ARECA-S with 2 quantity and AGLAONEMA-S with 1 quantity

2. Bundle Product: BUNDLE-OF-2-TABLES

Component: TABLE-1 with 2 quantity

3. Bundle Product: BUNDLE-OF-6-TABLES

Component: TABLE-1 with 6 quantity

After creating the file you can import it from Import option in Bundles List

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