How to setup bundles with examples

This page shows how to setup your bundles with examples. Let's say you are selling Coffee Mugs in packs of 2, 4, and 6. The inventory of these packs is dependent on the number of singe Coffee mugs.

So if you have 100 Individual Coffee Mugs, you can sell at most 

  • 50 Packs of 2
  • 25 Packs of 4
  • 16 Packs of 6

Once you define the bundles and their components in Sumtracker, the inventory of bundles will always be updated by Sumtracker on your stores.

Step 1 - Create all bundle products/variants on the Online store

For this examples, we've created all products on Shopify with different SKUs

The bundles appear on your store like this

Step 2 - Create the bundle in Sumtracker

To Create the bundle, open Bundles Page from sidebar and click on +Add New Bundle

You need to select the Bundle Product's SKU on top. And all the components that make up the bundle in the form below. 

Example - Coffee Mugs Pack of 2

Example - Coffee Mugs Pack of 4

Example - Coffee Mugs Pack of 6

You can have as many components in a bundle as you want.

The stock of bundle is automatically calculated based on the available stock of the components.

Example - Bundle having multiple components

Here, the bundle that we are selling is called Indoor Plants Set of 2. It contains 2 components.

Sumtracker will calculate the bundle's inventory based on the available inventory of the components. In this case we have 69 possible stock of the bundle.

If you get any orders of this bundle, the respective quantities of the components will be reduced.

If you get any orders of the components directly or through other bundles, Sumtracker will re-calculate how many bundles you can fulfill and update on your store.

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