Using Barcode scanners with Sumtracker

This article explains how to use barcode scanners with Sumtracker

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Using any Barcode scanner with Sumtracker

Please note: You can use any kind of barcode scanning device with Sumtracker on Mac, Windows or Android.

For iOS devices (iPhone or iPads), you will specifically need Socket scanner.

Connect your barcode scanner via bluetooth to your device.

Open Sumtracker and switch on the keyboard scanning mode.

Screenshot 2024-05-07 at 4.46.29 PM

Now, you can scan using the barcode reader with the Sumtracker app open in your browser. It will detect the barcodes being scanned and you can make the inventory updates.

You can check the following video to see how to use a barcode scanner with Sumtracker.

Using Socket scanner with Sumtracker

Socket scanners work with Sumtracker on all devices, including iOS devices (iPhone and iPads).

There are 2 modes in which Socket scanners can be connected

  • App mode
  • Keyboard scanning mode

On Android or Windows, you can switch between the two modes using the Socket mobile companion app.

On Mac, the Socket scanner only works in the Basic keyboard mode.

On iOS devices (iPhone and iPads), the Socket scanner only works in the App mode.

You can download the Socket mobile companion app from this page. More details on how to connect the scanners in each of the sections below.

Using Socket scanner on iOS (iPhone or iPad)

As recommended by Socket mobile, you have to use the Sumtracker app on Rumba mobile browser to use it with Socket scanners. It is a normal browser with built in capabilities to identify the Socket scanner. 

You need the Socket mobile companion app to connect the barcode scanner with your device.

Here is a video where we talk about connecting the Socket scanner and then using it with Sumtracker.

Using Socket scanner on a Mac

Currently, the only connection profile available for Apple Mac devices is Basic Keyboard Mode (HID). To pair your reader in this mode, please follow the instructions below.

Step 1: (Skip if you haven't previously paired a scanner) Go into Bluetooth settings on your Apple Mac and forget the scanner.

Step 2: Reset the scanner by scanning the Factory Reset barcode below:

factory reset barcode

Step 3: Turn the scanner back on and scan the Basic Keyboard Mode barcode below:

hid mode barcode

Step 4: Pair the scanner to your Apple Mac Device in Bluetooth Settings.

Once the scanner is paired, it can be used with the Sumtracker app. 

Here is a video where we connect the scanner with Mac and show you how to use it with Sumtracker.

Using Socket scanner on Android or Windows

You can connect the scanner to your device using the Socket mobile companion app. 

Once the scanner is connected, open the Sumtracker app on your device and use it on the pages where scan button is present. 

Screenshot 2024-05-07 at 4.42.24 PM

The scanner can work in both app mode and the keyboard scanning mode. 

If the scanner is connected in keyboard scanning mode, you have to switch on the keyboard scanning mode after clicking the Scan button. If the scanner is in app mode, you will see Socket scanner connected in the Scan dropdown.

You can see any of the videos shared on this help page to see how the scanner will work with Sumtracker.