September 2023 Release notes

Set Maximum Inventory quantity to update on your store

You can find this setting on the Store settings page.

Go to store settings: From the Dashboard, click on the store name under Store List. Scroll down the page to find this setting.

With this setting you can define the maximum inventory level to update on your store.

For example, if this is set to 10, the maximum inventory updated by Sumtracker for any product on that store will be 10. This table shows an example of how this will work.

Product name Available inventory in Sumtracker Inventory updated on store
Product A 85 10
Product B 12 10
Product C 8 8

This setting is especially useful for stores on eBay where they restrict the total value of inventory you can make available to sell. This is also useful in cases when you need to create artificial scarcity of products to increase sales.

Edit Purchase prices directly from the table

Now you can go to Purchase price list and change the purchase prices directly from the table.