November 2023 Release notes

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Walmart integration

You can now connect your Walmart store with Sumtracker. Here is a help article which shows the steps to connect your Walmart store.

Please note that we do not support multiple ship nodes (or fulfilment centres) for Walmart. You can only manage the inventory for Walmart store if you have a single ship node. Please get in touch with our support team to check if you can connect your Walmart store.

Pick list for orders

Shopify users can now download pick lists for orders. The pick list contains bundle components, product barcodes, notes, and quantity to pick. Your fulfilment team can access the pick list directly from Shopify orders page. Check this help article to know more about pick lists.

Barcode scanner integration

Sumtracker is now integrated with barcode scanners product by Socket mobile. Socket mobile scanners are official barcode hardware recommended by Shopify. You can go through this help article to see how Socket scanners work with Sumtracker.

Sync Product cost from Shopify

We have added a setting to sync cost of products from Shopify to Sumtracker. If you want the cost of products to be copied from Shopify to Sumtracker, you have to turn on the setting from Store settings page. After turning on the setting, you have to Hard Refresh listings for the cost to be updated in Sumtracker. If the setting is on, cost will be updated from Shopify to Sumtracker products. You can check this help article to see how to access store settings.

Control the source of updating Product properties like name, variant name

If a product in Sumtracker is linked with multiple listings or stores, we copy the product’s properties like name, variant name, image, etc from the latest updated listing. You can now choose if you do not want to copy the product properties like name, variant name, images, from a particular store. This setting is available in the store settings page. You may also turn off the sync of product properties from all stores its linked with. In this case, you can change the product properties in Sumtracker directly, and they will not be updated from the store.

Fulfilment Status Report

We’ve added the Fulfilment status by Product report. You’ll now be able to view the booking and fulfilment status of all products, including bundle components in this report. This report can be accessed under Sales report section on Reports dashboard.

Update of Stock by location table

We’ve launched a new interface for the Stock by Location table with

  • Adjust stock function
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Barcode scanner integration

The Adjust stock table functionality has been merged into stock by location table. You will be able to adjust the stock from Stock by location table itself.

Adjust stock table to be removed

All features from Adjust stock table have been moved to the Stock by location table. The Adjust stock table will be removed in the upcoming updates.

Amazon Integration: Products will be synced based on Fulfilment type

Amazon products will now be synced based on the Fulfilment type selected. For example, if you only want to integrate Amazon FBA with Sumtracker, only FBA products will be synced to Sumtracker. Similarly if you want to integrate Amazon FBM, only FBM products will be synced to Sumtracker.

Edit Purchase prices directly from the table

You can now edit the purchase prices directly from the purchase prices table.