How to connect your Walmart account with Sumtracker

To connect your Walmart seller account with Sumtracker you have to generate API connection keys. Follow the below steps to generate them:

  1. Please visit
  2. Login to your Walmart account and navigate to "My Account" option from top right.
  3. Select "Login Type". For example "US, Mexico and Canada". You can select a different marketplace based on your login type.
  4. You shall now be able to see your API keys. To create a new API key, click on "Add New Key For A Solution Provider"
  5. Click on the dropdown and select "Sumtracker". Click on Next.
  6. Next, on the Sumtracker Key Permission section, please make the following changes to the following permissions:
    • Feeds - Full Access
    • Item Management
      • Items - View Only
      • Inventory - Full Access
      • Price - View Only
    • Order Management
      • Orders - View Only
      • Returns - View Only
      • Shipping - View Only
    • Fulfilment - View Only
    • Settings, Rules and Admin
    • Account Profile - View Only
  7. Copy the "Client ID". Next, click on the eye button and copy the "Client Secret"
  8. Open the sumtracker app by clicking here: and login to your sumtracker account.
  9. Click on "Connect Your Store"
  10. Select "Walmart"
  11. Please enter the Client ID and Client Secret which you have copied from the Walmart portal in Step #7 to link your Walmart account to Sumtracker.
  12. For more information about Walmart marketplace authorisation please visit: