How are Order edits synced from Online store to Sumtracker?

For Shopify

If the order is in Refunded , Cancelled , Fulfilled or Partially Fulfilled state, order edits are synced immediately to Sumtracker.

If the order is in Open state, order edits have to be synced through the order Refresh button in Sumtracker.

Orders can be refreshed from the Order List or from the Order details page. In Order list, you can select the orders from leftmost column and then click on Refresh Orders from Bulk Actions dropdown.

Order details page

Open the order by clicking on the order number from Order list page. And Click on Refresh button.

For all channels other than Shopify

For BigCommerce, Etsy, eBay, WooCommerce and Amazon, order edits are synced automatically by Sumtracker every 8 minutes.