Barcodes in Products

You can save barcodes of products in Sumtracker.

For Shopify, barcodes are copied from the product listings. If you update the barcode on Shopify, it will get updated in Sumtracker as well.

For BigCommerce, UPC from product listings are copied to Barcode field in Sumtracker. If you update the UPC on BigCommerce, it will get updated in Sumtracker as well.

Product can be searched using barcodes in Sumtracker.

How to keep the barcodes intact when importing product list?

When you enter a number over 12 digits in an Excel spreadsheet, it auto-corrects the number to scientific notation for brevity.

If you export the product list, excel auto corrects them to a scientific notation. On importing the barcodes can get updated into the system, thus changing them unintentionally.

Here are 3 options on how to avoid this

Option 1: Format barcode column

The following video shows how you can format the barcode column on exporting the list.

Option 2: Remove barcode column before importing

You may remove the barcodes column from product list before importing it.
If you remove any column before importing (except the id column), its value remains intact in Sumtracker.

Option 3: Use Google spreadsheets

You should upload the file exported from Sumtracker as it is to Google drive for this to work.

Barcode column remains intact in Google spreadsheets. You can refer to this video