How are Shopify Products linked with Products in Sumtracker?

All Shopify products with SKUs are automatically created in Sumtracker. When you add a product on Shopify, it will be created in Sumtracker within a few seconds. The Shopify product or its variant must have a SKU.

However, when you add a product in Sumtracker, it will not be created on Shopify.

Product Listings

In product listings, you can find all the linkages of products in Sumtracker with the corresponding product on Shopify. You can check all products linked from Shopify in Ecommerce Settings > Product Listings table.

What happens if you have multiple product variants with same SKU on Shopify?

On Shopify you can have multiple variants with same SKU. All variants with same SKU are mapped to the same product in Sumtracker.

We keep updating product list in Sumtracker automatically. When you create, update or delete a variant in Shopify we auto update its product linkages in Sumtracker too.

Product Listings fields explained

Remote ID: The variant id on Shopify which is linked to the product in Sumtracker

Has Inventory Sync: This setting is automatically controlled based on the published status of the product on Shopify

Last Sync Time: This is the time when the inventory was updated on Shopify for this variant. Inventory is updated at frequent intervals from Sumtracker.

How are Sumtracker products updated?

Sumtracker is updated whenever you created, update, delete or unpublish products on Shopify.

Create / Update

On Shopify there is the variant SKU field for each variant. Sumtracker uses this field to link the variant updated or created on Shopify with the product in Sumtracker.

For example,

Variant Name Variant ID Variant SKU
I Phone X 64GB White 001 IPH101
I Phone X 64GB Silver 002 IPH101
Samsung S10 003 SMG10

Sumtracker will check if SKU IPH101 and SMG10 exist in the Sumtracker products list for your account. If it does the variants will be linked to the existing products with the matching SKUs.

If the products do not exist, new products will be created with the value of the variant SKU.

Variant ID 001 and 002 will be linked to the same product in Sumtracker because the variant SKU for both is same.

If you change the variant SKU of the variant 002 to IPH102, Sumtracker will link the variant with the product which has SKU as IPH102.


When a variant or product is deleted on Shopify, it is unlinked in Sumtracker.


When a product variant is unpublished on Shopify, the inventory updated for that variant stops. Sumtracker will no longer update inventory for the unpublished product on Shopify.

When you republish the product variant on Shopify, inventory update from Sumtracker resumes automatically.

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