Create Bundles

Video Walkthrough to Create Bundles

Explanation with Screenshots

The bundle that you are selling must be listed as a product or variant on your store.

Step 1 - Bundle product must be listed on your store

Let's say you are selling a bundle of 2 Indoor plants. This bundle must be created as a product or variant on your store. Below is a screenshot from Listings page on Shopify. 

Step 2 - In Sumtracker, Click on Add New Bundle from Bundles List Page

Step 3 - Add Bundle Product and its Component Products

Add the bundle product, its components and save the form

Step 3 - Check Bundles List for overview
You can check all the Bundles created in the system on the Bundles list page.

Import Bundles

Bundles can also be imported in bulk through the Import button given on top of the Bundle List page.

Download the import sample: bundle-import.csv
(right click to save the file)

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