Purchase Order and GRN

This page explains how to create purchase orders and receive stock against them using GRN (goods receive note) document.

How to create a purchase order

Purchase orders or PO are created to note down stock items to order from the supplier.

  • To create a purchase order select new purchase order option from the menu.
  • Select the supplier in the contacts input field
  • Click on add line button and select the product you want to order. Enter the quantity and price.
  • Click on save to create a draft PO
  • You can click on On Order button if you want to mark the PO as confirmed. Marking the PO as on order will increase the on order quantity in stock levels.

PO statuses


PO is saved and can be shared with the supplier for confirmation.

On Order

PO is confirmed and stock levels on order quantity has been increased by the quantity ordered in the PO.


PO is closed and no further action can be taken on the PO. PO auto closes after complete delivery of stock from supplier. You can manually close PO with partial delivery of stock.

How to receive stock against PO

To receive stock against a PO you have create GRNs (goods receive note).

Open the PO by searching it using the PO number in the PO list. Click on create GRN.

GRN creation form open. You have to enter the quantity you are receiving for each product. This quantity can be less, equal or more than the quantity ordered in the PO.

In the supplier doc number field enter the supplier invoice number. In the supplier doc date field enter the supplier invoice date.

Create the putaway by clicking on auto putaway or manual putaway to receive the stock. To learn more about putaway document read about stock lots.

You can create multiple GRN against a PO. When you receive stock for a GRN using putaway, the due quantity in the PO is reduced. The PO will automatically close when there is no due quantity for any product in the PO.

Video Tutorial

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