Create Batches and Print Manifest

To print a manifest you need to add shipments to a picklist.

Step 1 - Create a Picklist and add Shipments 

In the Shipments List table, select the shipments to add in the Picklist And click on Create Picklist button above table as shown in screenshot below.

Step 2 - Use Bulk Actions to Assign Tracking Number and Generate Manifest

After adding shipments to a picklist, you have to use bulk actions in the order given below -
  • Create at <your shipment account>
  • Assign Tracking Number
  • Generate Label

Each bulk action may take some time to finish depending on the number of shipments in the picklist.

You can click on the refresh icon to check the latest status of your shipments.

Step 3 - Print Labels and Manifest

When you click on Generate label in Bulk Actions menu, the request to generate manifest and bulk labels is sent.
Please note: It could take upto 2-3 minutes to generate the manifest and for it to appear in the print menu. You can click on Refresh button to check if manifest has been generated.

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