How is inventory of bundles updated on my store?

A bundle product is packed after receiving an order. A bundle product must have a bundle bom which defines the components of the bundle.

For bundle products, we check the inventory of the components defined in the bundle BOM. The inventory is updated on the basis of minimum available stock of the component.

Let's say we have a product called Pack of 30 Mango Juices which is a bundle product. The component of this product is individual bottles of Mango juices. You pack Mango juices in packs of 30 only after receiving an order for it.

The current inventory of Mango Juice bottles is 200. Then, inventory to update for the Pack of 30 Mango Juices will be 6 (200 divided by 30). When the inventory of mango juice bottles reaches below 30, the inventory to update for pack of 30 mango juices is 0 because there are not enough mango juice bottles available to create a pack of 30.

If there are more than 1 component in the bundle BOM the minimum value is used.

Qty to update for bundle = Min((component available stock - reserved qty) / component qty in bundle)

Below table shows how quantity will be updated on Shopify when the reserved quantity for Mango juice bottles is 40 and the available stock is 200

Product Reserved Quantity Available Stock Qty to Update
Mango Juice Bottle 40 200 160 (200 - 40)
Pack of 10 Mango Juices
- - 16 (160 / 10)
Pack of 20 Mango Juices
- - 8 (160 / 20)
Orange Juice Bottle 50 60 10 (60 - 50)
Pack of 10 Orange Juices
- - 1 (10 / 10)
Pack of 20 Orange Juices
- - 0 (10 / 20)

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