How to setup Shipment Accounts

Shipment accounts are for assigning shipment carriers to shipments. Sumtracker enables you to assign shipment carrier and labels with one click from within Sumtracker without going to the shipment accounts website. You just need to have an account with them and enter the credentials in Sumtracker. We can also integrate with a Shipment API provider on client request.


Through Easypost API, Sumtracker is integrated 100+ courier companies worldwide such as UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL, Australia Post, Canada Post and more. It is free for upto 50,000 shipments per year.

Signup for EasyPost here

Follow the instruction here for its setup.

Full list of supported carriers.


Shiprocket works in India. Signup for shiprocket here

Steps to Add Shiprocket details on Sumtracker

  • In your Shiprocket panel go to API menu option > click on create api user > enter username and password.
  • On Sumtracker shipment services page, enter this user's credentials
  • The complete pickup address of fulfillment warehouse must be created on Shiprocket
  • The address nickname on Shiprocket should be = warehouse code on Sumtracker. Here is a screenshot of the settings page on Shiprocket. To see the warehouse code in Sumtracker go to app settings > warehouses.


Pickrr works in India. Signup for Pickrr here

Enter the Auth Key in Pickrr credentials in Sumtracker


Handover shipment service is native to Sumtracker. Handover can used when you are not sending the package via Sumtracker and want to mark the shipment as 'shipped' in Sumtracker. When using handover shipment is marked delivered automatically after 3 days of marking the shipment as 'shipped'.

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