Create Products

Step 1 - Open Create Product Form from the Menu

When you hover over Products in the navigation menu, you will see a '+ New' button. Click on it to open the create product form. 

Step 2 - Fill the new Product fields

Only Name and SKU are mandatory. Save the form to create the product.

Note for Shopify users: Creating a product in Sumtracker will not create it on your online channels like Shopify. However, if you create a product on Shopify, it will be automatically created in Sumtracker within a few seconds.

All other fields are optional. All fields in the product form are explained below this section.

As you scroll down, you will see the additional fields. All of these are optional. If you are using shipping through Sumtracker, you can fill the product weight and default package type.

After saving the form, the product gets created. You can open the Product List to see the product you just created.

Product fields explained


Name should be descriptive and unique.


Also called stock keeping unit, should be unique.

Print Name

The name which is printed on documents. This is what you want your customer or vendor to see.

Product type

Can either be RM (raw material) / WIP (work in progress) / FG (finished good) / PM (packing material)


Also called unit of measure. Can be values like kg, m, pcs. The stock quantity is in this UOM.

Tracking type

Can either be TRACKED or NOT TRACKED.

If the tracking type is not tracked no stock will be tracked.

If the tracking type is tracked, stock will be tracked and can be seen in the stock levels report.

QC required

Select this field if you want to enable QC checks for the product. All incoming stock will have to be approved using a QC order before it can be issued.

Group1 & Group2

To categorise products

Package Type

The package type to use when shipping products via courier service. Package types can be defined by going to settings page.


This setting is automatically turned on when you create a Bundle BOM for this product.

Bundles or kits can have multiple components in them which are defined in the Bundle BOM.

Import products using excel sheet

  1. Download the import template

    To import products first download the import template. Go to the products table from the left side menu. Then click on the left arrow on the import button to download the template.

  2. Fill up all your products data in the excel template.

  3. Import the excel sheet with data. If there are any errors in the sheet, an error sheet will download.

Below is the video on how to import products:

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