Order Sync and Statuses

Sumtracker syncs all new orders from Shopify automatically. Orders saved in Sumtracker store all the information in the Shopify order.

Order Statuses

Sumtracker has order statuses which are used to manage orders.

OPEN status signifies that the order is yet unfulfilled.

CLOSE status is for fulfilled orders

CANCEL status has the same meaning as on Shopify. Sumtracker get updated when an order is marked cancelled on Shopify.

How are orders synced from Shopify

Creation - new orders are synced from Shopify in bulk automatically

Updates - Sumtracker updates any changes in tags, notes and shipping address.

Cancellation - any order cancelled on Shopify gets cancelled in Sumtracker too.

Deletion - any order deleted on Shopify gets cancelled in Sumtracker.

Order Fulfillments

When an order gets fulfilled on Shopify, Sumtracker automatically detects that and does the following actions

  • Close the order in Sumtracker
  • Decrease inventory for products in the order

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