Etsy: How does Sumtracker updates Etsy listing status and inventory

Etsy listings can have different states: 

  • active: the listings is available for sale and has positive stock
  • inactive: the listing is unavailable for sale but can be made active again
  • sold out: the listings is marked sold out and needs to activated again by paying the listing fee

Sumtracker will fetch and save all the active and inactive listings from your Etsy account. But sold out listings will not be saved. Sold out listings are not saved because they are mostly old listings which might not be available for sale. Also Etsy needs you to pay a fee to make them active again.

How is 0 stock updated on Etsy

When stock of a product becomes 0 in Sumtracker, the corresponding listing on Etsy is marked as  inactive. Inactive listings are not available for sale unless they are made active again.

With Etsy API, we can only take following actions for the listing

  • inactive state when out of stock
  • active state when back in stock

If the listing goes to inactive state, Sumtracker can make it active and update its stock when you add its inventory in Sumtracker. You won't be charged by Etsy to make an inactive listing active again.

For listings with multiple variants

If the stock for all the variants is 0 then only the listing is made inactive. The listing will remain active if there is at least one variant with positive stock.

When does the listing go to sold out state?

Let's say you have a listing which is also available on your other store such as Shopify. In this case the product can sell either on Etsy or Shopify.

If the product gets sold on Shopify and the inventory goes to 0 then the Etsy listing will be made inactive.

If the product gets sold on Etsy and the inventory goes to 0 then the Etsy listing will be automatically become sold out. A sold out listing needs to be manually made active again.

Maximum stock allowed on Etsy

Etsy allows 999 as the maximum stock. 

So if the inventory of any product is higher than 999 in Sumtracker, it will show up as 999 on Etsy.

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