Shopify: Which products are not synced from Shopify?

1. When you connect a new store, only active and published listings are synced. This is done to avoid syncing a backlog of outdated products that may be present on the Shopify store. 

2. Afterwards, all active products which are either published or unpublished are synced to Sumtracker. We sync all products that are actively being worked upon.

3. We do not sync products without SKU on Shopify to Sumtracker. If you do not use SKU for certain products on Shopify, you may copy their names into the SKU field, in order to sync them to Sumtracker. 

4. We do not sync draft products. The product needs to be active. If you do not want it to be available on the online store you can make it unpublished by removing the online store from the product channels on shopify admin.

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