Add Purchase Prices

Add Purchase Prices in Bulk

Download Purchase price import sample file  (right click to Save the file) 

All fields are optional to fill. 

Contact (Optional) - Ffill the contact code saved in Sumtracker for the supplier. While making a PO for this Supplier, this purchase price details will be auto selected.

Supplier SKU (Optional) - The SKU that is used at the Supplier's end for this product.

Pack UOM (Optional) - If this product is purchased in packs, you can fill the Pack's UOM

Pack size (Optional) - Default value is always 1. If you purchase a product in Packs, you can fill the pack size.

Purchase rate (Optional) - The purchase price that you want to save for this product.

Shipping rate (Optional) - The shipping price per unit of the product

Currency (Optional) - Currency of purchase

MOQ - Minimum Order Quantity

Import the file from Purchase Price list page

Add Purchase Prices Individually

Open Product details from Product List

Go to Purchase price tab and Add new Purchase Price

Enter the required details and Save the Price

When you Add this Product in a Purchase Order, its Purchase price details will be automatically filled.

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