Turn off Orders Sync - What does it mean and When to use it

Some merchants like to process and fulfill all their orders from other channels like Etsy, eBay or Amazon on the Shopify platform. 

So let's say you are already importing your Orders from other channels into Shopify. And you want Sumtracker to update the inventory on these platforms as well.

You can turn off the Orders sync for these channels in Sumtracker. When you turn off the Order sync, Sumtracker will just update the inventory for your store. 

The orders from all other channels will already be syncing to Sumtracker through Shopify.

Here's how you can turn off Orders sync in Sumtracker 

Step 1 - Connect your store and Turn on its Inventory sync

Here are the help guides for connecting store and turning the inventory sync on.

When you turn on Inventory Sync, the Order sync is on by default.

Step 2 - Go to Channel Settings

Step 3 - Turn Off Orders Sync

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