Listings and Products in Sumtracker

Online Listings

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These are all the listings + variants from the Shopify store that we create in Sumtracker.
Each Online listing corresponds to a listing on Shopify.
We save the

  • Listing Product Name, 
  • Variant name, 
  • SKU, 
  • Barcode, 
  • Product Type (as Category), 
  • Tags and
  • Primary image

When any of these listing properties is changed on Shopify, it gets updated in Sumtracker instantly through webhooks.


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Products are created based on unique SKU in listings or variants.
So if 2 or more listings have the same SKU on Shopify, we create 1 product in Sumtracker corresponding to the SKU.

The following properties in Products gets updated from their corresponding listings

  • SKU
  • Name
  • Variant name
  • Barcode
  • Category and 
  • Image

We update the Product in Sumtracker when any of these properties is changed in the corresponding listings on Shopify.

A Product has many other properties, like alert threshold, notes, purchase prices, etc that can be directly updated in Sumtracker.

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