Edit Products

If you want to bulk update product using import, scroll down to the next section

Edit Products Individually

Step 1 - Open Product Details from Product List 

Click on the date in first column to open Product Details page

Step 2 - Edit the Product fields

The description of each field is given below -


You can edit the name of product if its created in Sumtracker directly.

If product is created through store, the name will be updated from online listings. It cannot be changed in Sumtracker.


Sumtracker links your online listings through SKU. If the product is linked to a listing, changing the SKU will link the product to a listing that matches the new SKU. If the SKU does not exist online, the product will exist in Sumtracker only.


Also called unit of measurement. Can be values like kg, m, pcs. The stock quantity is in UOM.

Inventory Tracking

Can either be TRACKED or NOT TRACKED.

If the tracking type is not tracked, its inventory will  not be updated on your online store.


To categorise products. If the product is linked to a Shopify listing, category is updated through Product Type on Shopify. Else, you can update the category as per your choice.


This is the product's default tax rate that will be picked while creating purchase orders.

Alert Threshold 

When inventory of the product reaches this quantity, it will be included in the low stock alert report. 

Close at Quantity 

When inventory of product reaches this quantity, it will be marked as sold out on all channels.

Any notes you want to include about the product.
If the product is linked to a Shopify listing, tags are updated through Tags on Shopify. Else, you can put new tags on products through import in Sumtracker.

Edit Product in bulk using excel sheet 

Step 1 - Export the Product List

Step 2 - Edit products data in the downloaded sheet

Please note - Do not change or delete the id column for editing existing products

You can change the following fields - Name, SKU, Barcode, UOM, Group1 (Category), Tracking type, Tags, Alert Threshold, Close at quantity and Notes.

The stock fields are read only. They will not have any impact on the stock in the system when you import the sheet.

Step 3 - Save the File in CSV Format and Import the file

If you are having issues saving the file in CSV, you may go through this help page.

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