Purchase Prices explained

You can save multiple purchase prices for a product. You may choose the purchase price at the time of making the purchase order.

Video walkthrough to upload purchase prices in bulk

All fields in the Purchase price details are optional. Purchase prices have the following fields - 

Shipping Price (Optional) - The price of shipping a single unit of the item

Currency (Optional) - The currency in which you have filled the purchase price

Supplier (Optional) - The supplier who has given this purchase rate. Suppliers can be created in Sumtracker from Purchase > Suppliers List. 

Supplier SKU (Optional) - SKU that the supplier uses at their end. This is printed on PO. So the supplier can easily identify the product you have ordered.

Pack Size (Optional) - If you order the product in packs from your supplier, then you can enter the pack size here. Default pack size is 1.

Pack UOM (Optional) - The unit for the pack. For example, when ordering a Carton of 100 pieces of shirts, the Pack UOM will be "Carton of 100 pieces", or simply "Carton"

MOQ (Optional) - Minimum order quantity for the product. This is the minimum quantity of the product that you have to order from your supplier.

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