How to reduce booked quantity?

Booked quantity is managed by the system and cannot be manually changed. The method to manually reduce the booked quantity is explained below.

What is booked quantity?

Booked quantity is increased when you receive an order from any of your online store. It represents the unfulfilled quantity for that item. When the order is marked fulfilled the order gets closed and the booked quantity and in stock quantity are reduced.

Also when an order gets cancelled the booked quantity is reduced because now the items no longer need to be reserved as unfulfilled.

For example:

When you receive an order for 2 quantity the booked quantity is increased

When the the order is fulfilled the booked quantity and in stock are decreased

How to reduce the booked quantity?

To reduce the booked quantity you can mark the order as archived. This is needed in case the order did not get marked as closed or cancelled on Sumtracker. Although Sumtracker does sync the status of orders from the online store there might be edge cases when this sync of order status fails.

You can easily mark the order as archived which will close the order and release the booked quantity against the order.

Step 1

Go to orders menu option. Search for the SKU for which you want to reduce the booked quantity. After selecting the product click on apply.

Step 2

Select the orders you want to mark as archived. Only open orders can be marked as archived.

Step 3

Click on the archive button

Once the orders are archived they will be closed and the booked quantity for the items in those orders will be reduced.

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