Shopify: Setup Fulfillment Priority of your Warehouses

This is only required for users who have 

  • Multiple locations on Shopify or 
  • Created multiple warehouses in Sumtracker

The Fulfillment Priority of warehouses in Sumtracker must be matched with that on Shopify. Else, it could result in Inventory mismatches.

Step 1 - Click on Channel Settings from Dashboard

Step 2 - Set Priority of Fulfillment for your Locations to match with that on Shopify

How is the fulfillment priority used in Sumtracker?

As you get orders from Shopify, inventory will be booked based on the priority of warehouses. Warehouses given as priority 1 will be checked first for booking the inventory. If stock is not available in first priority warehouse, then 2nd priority warehouse will be checked, and so on.

When you fulfil the order on Shopify, inventory will be deducted as per the actual shipping location. We check the fulfillment data from Shopify and reduce the inventory from respective warehouse accordingly. As a result, your inventory will be maintained in Sumtracker as per the actual count in your warehouse. 

How to locate Fulfillment Priority on Shopify?

Go to Settings > Location

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