How to set alert threshold and get email notifications

Whats covered on this page -

  1. Set Alert threshold through CSV Import
  2. Set Alert threshold through Product Details form
  3. Which products are included in low stock report
  4. How to turn on email notification for getting low stock alerts

1. Set Alert Threshold through CSV Import

a. Export the Product List

b. Enter the threshold for SKUs where needed

c. Import back the CSV File

Alert threshold will be updated for SKUs as per CSV file after import.

2. Set Alert Threshold through Product Details Form

a. Click on Product name in Product List

b. Enter the Alert Threshold and Save

3. Which products are included in low stock products report?

Products with Current stock <= Alert threshold are included in low stock products report.

Bundle products are not considered for this report.

4. How to receive low stock products report on email?

You can get an email of daily summary of low stock products. 

You can Switch on the setting for email notification for any user.

Go to the Settings > User List. 

Click on the user and check the box for 'Get low stock email notification'.

Once switched on, the user will get an email every day with the Products <= Alert threshold. 

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