How do bundles work in Sumtracker

Let us say you sell a bundle called "3 T-shirts and 2 Jeans - Size M". 

Here is a video explaining this -

Here is how this will work in Sumtracker -

Step 1 - Create Bundle BOM

You have to create the bundle with its components in Sumtracker - Help guide link

After adding the bundle, this is how its BOM looks like -

Step 2 - Check Components Stock

After the bundle is created, you need to add the stock of its components.

Stock can be added through add stock document - Help guide link

You can check the stock of this bundle's components through Stock levels table - Help guide link

Step 3 - Bundle's stock calculation

The inventory of bundles is always calculated based on available stock of its components.

The stock of this bundle "3 T-shirts and 2 Jeans - Size M" is -

Quantity of bundle based on T-shirts = 50/3 = 16 (Rounded down to whole number)

Quantity of bundle based on Jeans = 60/2 = 30

So the maximum no of bundles you can fulfill = 16. This quantity will be updated on your store.

You can check this in Sumtracker through Bundles Inventory Report.

You can also keep selling the components separately. So in this case, the T-shirt and Jeans can also be sold separately.

As you get the orders, the inventory of bundles and components will be updated by Sumtracker automatically.

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