Day 1 with Sumtracker

When you install Sumtracker on your store, it automatically fetches products from your store and creates them in Sumtracker. The orders and inventory sync is off by default.

Here's what you need to do after installing the Sumtracker app -

  1. Get an overview of how Sumtracker works
  2. Create product bundles (if any)
  3. Add current stock directly in Sumtracker or Import it from your store
  4. Switch on Orders and Inventory Sync

Once the inventory sync is switched on, you must maintain the inventory of your products in Sumtracker. Inventory will always be updated from Stock levels in Sumtracker to your connected stores.

If you want to exclude inventory of certain SKUs from syncing to your store, you can mark them as Not Tracked.

If you want to connect multiple stores, you should ensure that the SKU for identical products is same on all stores. Some useful links are given below

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