🚀 Day 1 with Sumtracker

When you connect Sumtracker with your store, it automatically fetches products to Sumtracker. The inventory sync is off by default. You can turn the sync on at any time.

Here's what you need to do after installing the Sumtracker app:

  1. Connect your store
  2. Create product bundles (applicable only if you have bundles)
  3. Add current stock directly in Sumtracker or Import it from your store
  4. Switch on Inventory Sync
  5. Go through these points to know how Sumtracker works

Sumtracker can help you with:

  • Real time inventory sync for multiple stores
  • Updating inventory of your bundles, kits and their components
  • Purchase Orders and Incoming stock
  • Low stock alerts and Inventory update rules
  • Quickly change your inventory levels
  • Sales and Inventory Reporting
  • API Access for automation

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