How Sumtracker works

Sumtracker is the central dashboard of inventory for your products. The products in Sumtracker are linked to corresponding products on your store by SKU automatically. 

Please note: Once Sumtracker is connected, you have to maintain the inventory of your products in Sumtracker.

As you get orders on your store, the orders will be synced to Sumtracker every few minutes, and inventory of corresponding products will be reduced in Sumtracker.

Sumtracker will push the inventory of all products to your store right after the order sync.

(The orders and inventory start syncing only after inventory sync is turned on)

When you want to change the inventory of any product or add it to the stock, you have to make the change in Sumtracker account. Entering purchase orders and receiving products against them is also supported.

If you create any product on your store, it will be created in Sumtracker. During the initial sync, only Active products are synced. Afterwards, all products whether in Active or Draft status are synced.

Sumtracker does not push any other information than inventory levels to your store.

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